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MPH K-15 radar Specifications:

Lock Time:    Manual - Instantaneous

Accuracy:    +/- 1 mph absolute

Antenna Type:    Circular polarized conical horn completely enclosed by all metal exterior housing

Microwave source: Solid state Gunn effect diode  Maximum power .050 watt max, .013 watt min

Received microwave beam:  Antenna - utilizes transmitting antenna.  Isolation accomplished by a turnstile phase shifter

Transmitter:    Complies with FCC part 90 type acceptance # A-06-000011.  X band 10.525 Ghz, K band 24.150 Ghz

Radiated power:    Less than .001 watt/square cm

Beam Width Variance:    1 degree

Beam width:    8 degrees from main axis to half power point in any axis

Range:    2500' typical for average size vehicle. Range varies by size of vehicle, terrain, traffic conditions, weather conditions, and other external conditions present in various locations.

Physical  Specifications:    Width:  4",  Height: 3.5" excluding handle, Length: 9.75     Wt:  2.75 lbs

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